Beau (1959- )

  Well, who is Beau?

Over the past decade, you have - hopefully - become acquainted with my work in hundreds of issues of men's erotic magazines, such as  Advocate Men, Freshmen, or Torso ? Perhaps it was on familiar book covers, such as  Hardball  or  One for the Gods ? Or you have enjoyed my art books  BEAU MEN  and  BEAU MEN 2 ?

In any case, I am a painter, an artist living in Los Angeles.

In my life, though, there is me and there is Beau - a split personality - an alter ego sort of arrangement. Of the two of us, I am certain that Beau is the more interesting and entertaining.

Here is your formal invitation:

Please come with me on a tour - Beau's private tour.

In  BEAU MEN  I am sharing with you some chapters from the story of my life. And it is all autobiographical ...

Drawing by Beau

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